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 corporate culture

luheng operation ideas: we not only provide the first-class technology and products, but also provide the top-rank ideas and methods.

luheng tenet: change the abstruse and complex agricultural high-tech into simple forms to serve chinese farmers.

luheng topic: written by dr. liu tiebin, it has innovative content and unique conception in the form of chatting, it tells the truth of how to be a man and how to run our career

news commentary: this column is of the essays from the work of dr. liu tiebin, incisive comments on current events, closely touched the pulse of time.

luheng dynamics: let you know the latest developments of luheng, record every footprints left of luheng’s collection, witness every detail of luheng’s growth.

mba classroom: tell the history , reflect modern management, excerpts selected from mba post-graduate courses of dr. liu tiebin in china agricultural university for the readers.

conference info: the time, location, contact information, etc. of large-scale conference of national, provincial and municipal on agriculture and animal.

luheng and i: record of exchanges of views, experiences and the touching stories in luheng.

feedback of consumer: the condition of using and contributions luheng products around all places.

open stores : skills and methods to help dealers to improve store operating level;

marketing guide: about marketing channels building, business negotiation skills, business training of the sales;

technical guidance: q&a with experts, agriculture guide, control techniques from experts of luheng on animal and plant and disease.

products: focus on introduction, guidance, sale and operation of new products which possess high technology content and unique performance.

boutique counters: a luxuriant gather of luheng products on product characteristics, specifications and methods on sales and promotion .

luheng topic

    it has been 10 years since the starting of “luheng topic" in 2000, as a column of "luheng


    this column has provided a space for the staff members of luheng to express their points of view and the cultural origins of luheng’s development for the people in the same trade. it said on the cover of "luheng newsletter": "we not only provide the first-class technology and products, but also provide the top-rank ideas and methods."
    since the founding of this section, it has been well received by vast number of friends. many friends have made calls, sent letters about their thought, and benefit after reading.
    "luheng topic" has accumulated for more than 90 articles, the first 40 ones or more edited into a book to be published formally .now we published another 50 articles or more in the latest five years, offering more information for the people in the industry to understand “luheng”.
    as a rapidly growing company, beijing beinong luheng sci-tech development co., ltd. remains energetic after 16 years’ growth, still making her history. some views or thoughts in "luheng topic” might not be correct, but the true portrayal of our thinking after all. we mean to display a “luheng”, honest and down-to-earth and keeping pace with the times, to the world through our conception. at the same time, we believed that our readers would also gain sentiment, since “luheng” has the unique culture and soul of herself.

    here, we have innovative ideas and frontier thinking

    here, we have the charm of personality and honesty;

    here, we have our thinking flied in the sky.

    i wish to dedicate this book to those who are willing to think!