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    founded in 1993, beijing beinong luheng sci-tech development co., ltd. is committed to developing and propagating high-tech products with the technical support of a group of specialists in the field of agriculture from the universities and scientific research institutes. the leading group of beinong luheng consists of a group of professors and phd holders, possessing profound practical work experiences obtained from years of engaging themselves in developing and propagating agriculture technology, most of the staff has intermediate or senior degrees of scholarship or professional or technical titles. relying on science and technology and well-established reputation, beinong luheng focuses on marketing and, in cooperation with chain-store operations, aims at developing and propagating quality products so as to accelerate the application of the scientific and research achievements in the market. the aim of our company is to provide services for the development of agriculture in china by turning the complex and profound agricultural technologies into simple and practical easy-to-understand forms.

    luheng mainly focuses on the development, production, marketing and propagating of fungicides, insecticides, herbicides, rodenticides, plant growth regulators, fertilizers, vegetable seeds and veterinary medicines.

    claiming a wide network of agents and distributors all over the country, beinong luheng has established a good reputation and has exerted great influence in the circles of the agriculture and animal husbandry propagation nationwide. up to the present, more than 5,000 agencies have been set up to propagate the new products of our company. these new products have had coverage of over 10,000,000 mu each year. since the introduction of the plan of “luheng chain-store league and one-hundred products and one-thousand stores” carried out in 2002, more than 1,000 luheng chain stores have taken shape. beinong luheng has become a major force in the field of propagating new-tech agricultural products in china.