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the first board meeting of luheng group of 2011 convening in australia
release date:2011-05-24

    the first board meeting of luheng group of 2011 was convened in adelaide, the capital of south australia in feb.6, 2011. dr. liu tiebin ,the chairman, hosted the meeting, and all 16 directors attended the meeting, including all executives of branches, the heads of independent divisions etc..

    each director made a report of 2010 and a brief plan of 2011.the board of directors made an examination and assessment of the work of branches and independent divisions in 2010. in the meeting, liu wenyong was appointed the general manager of beijing beinong luheng technology development co., ltd. zhao tao, the general manager of shouguang south australia luheng agriculture co., ltd. and zhuang yanli, the general manager of beijing luheng nongzhe technology development co., ltd. on the occasion of the meeting, the attendees inspected the south australia luheng farm, and made discussions on the operation and development of the farm. dr.liu indicates that we have the confidence to manage the luheng farm of south australia well, and further spread the soiless culture technology of vegetable, boosting the internationalization and influence of luheng brand. this meeting also probes into subjects about the management system, financial regulations and development directions of luheng. they made a detailed arrangement and deployment of this year, building on the achievements of the last year.

    after the meeting, dr. liu had a chat with all directors and their families, 30 or more in sum, telling the development of luheng in the latest years. it is really exciting to hear luheng develops by 30% each year. everyone expressed their satisfaction with this travel to australia as well as their gratitude to dr.liu and his wife mrs hua dongmei for their hospitality. they believe that luheng has a bright future!